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Wedding Photography – Shannon & Mike

Shannon & Mike were married at St Matthew’s Church, Cobo Bay in Guernsey. Wedding photography was so important to them, the natural, inspired kind.  They found me through Virtuoso Weddings and knowing how familiar I was with the island of Guernsey and its wedding venues they contacted Luke and the match was made (so to speak).

Their reception was held at The Venue in Fermain Valley and I have to say that the gardens are the best tended I have ever seen on the island (and I’m a keen gardener).  Shannon is a Canadian, her family traveled a long, long way and I loved how her sister more or less had a Go Pro filming the whole thing despite Luke and his talent for epic cinematography being present.  This might just be the most filmed love story ever.

Congratulations Shannon and Mike.  No need to wish you love, health, wealth and happiness – if these pictures are anything to go by you clearly have it all xx

This wedding was photographed as principal wedding photographer for Virtuoso Wedding Films in Guernsey.  To book me for your wedding photography in the Channel Islands please contact Luke Sheehan luke@virtuosofilms.co.uk .

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  1. Joelle October 20, 2014 2:02 pm #

    Beautiful wedding phorography! I love the black and white shots!