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Portrait Photography – Noah

What a lovely day out with Noah, Allison and Dean at Normanby Park.  Noah was just a few months old when I first photographed him and what a change in this lovely little 2 year old.  He’s a real chatterbox and there was lots to talk about in the park, peacocks, cats and blossom to name but a few and he didn’t stop talking.

He was an absolute delight and it just goes to show that you don’t need a script when photographing children, just big, safe and open spaces where you can let them run free and create their own photographs.

It’s fair to say that Allison, Dean and I were a bit tired at the end of this session, we think that Noah ran the equivalent of a marathon ..

Oh and how cool is Noah’s balance bike?  Personalised number plate and all!

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Portrait-Photography-Noah_0002 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0003 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0004 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0005 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0006 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0007 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0008 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0009 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0010 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0011 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0012 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0013 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0014 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0015 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0016 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0017 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0018 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0019 Portrait-Photography-Noah_0020


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One Response to “Portrait Photography – Noah”

  1. Allison Robinson-Roe April 28, 2014 3:30 pm #

    Oh my word no words to say how amazing the photos are
    Once again you have excelled
    Thank you
    Thank you