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Commercial Photography – by Harriet

The new ethereal dreams collection from by Harriet.  Whimsical and pretty.

Hair and make up by Victoria Farr

Flowers by The Floral Lounge

Model Laura Peterson

Wardrobe Glory Days Vintage

Location Saltmarshe Hall

Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-1 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-10
Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-14 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-18 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-20 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-35 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-37 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-40 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-47 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-49 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-53 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-63 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-67 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-73 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-79 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-88 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-95 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-104 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-116 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-141 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-149 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-151 Commercial-Ethereal-Dreams-152

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One Response to “Commercial Photography – by Harriet”

  1. Andy February 11, 2015 2:54 pm #

    As a photographer, I have to admire the honest simplicity of your work. Quite stunning and very well presented on a classy website.